Monodraw 앱 리뷰

Perfect for programmer needs

Great app. Enough layout flexibility to suit my needs for flowcharting and documentation. Export to SVG and text copy and past to comments in source code is terrific.

How is this not rated higher?

This application is fantastic!

Simple and functional

Like others have said this very powerful while still using plain text. This is especially good for software developers, and embedded documentaiton inside source, or at least inside the project easily. One of the few pieces of software I want to try to use more and more in my workflows. I do wish there was more features specifically for making tables. I think that would make it so I would barely have to use any markdown or other text based documentation.

One of the most usufell graphic tools for me

One of the most usufell graphic tools for me. Source code must be always contains good documentation. Right in code. No JPEG or PNG. Good improvements.

This application is absolutely awesome

It saved me dozens of hours to create the message of today file, /etc/motd. It has a build-in figlet program, and has dozens of fonts of figlet. Really cool.

An absolutely gorgeous app with a brilliant design

The functionality is perfect and well thought out. Design simple and straight forward flows is simple and easy to throw in a web page or in documentation. It’s just a rather sweet app with a bright future ahead of it; it’s well worth the small investment for this kind of functionality. I wish there was support for colors though. I would like to see the ability to convert an image to “ascii art” to include in a chart as well and the ability to save individual components to a “library” to share amongst projects.

Makes adding a diagram to your code or so much easier

I've spent so much time manually creating ASCII art diagrams for in-line documentation in code and markdown docs. Doing it by hand is laborious and making changes is often even more time consuming. This app makes it so much easier. Jumping right in, the interface is pretty intuitive. A few features I thought were missing (arbitrary line attachment points, keyboard shortcuts) are actually there and, as it turns out, shown in the Intro Document examples. So that's worth checking out: Help menu > Open Intro Document...

Very nice ASCII and diagramming tool

This is a great tool to insert drawings into code comments. Comes with export options for different comment types and other configurations to embed in code. Much better than inserting an image into projects and hoping other devs will take the time to look at them. Also makes it easier to update.

FANTASTIC - Works great for Flow Charting too!

I was looking for an inexpensive tool for Flow Charting amd stumbled across MonoDraw that I affectionally call MoonDraw! You can drag some basic shapes, add text and connect them using point to point lines. The best part is that Mono Draw handles everything in a cool text flavored graphic style so it is easy to edit and copy/paste to other apps. I was surprised that there was no PRINT option in the app, but for a 1.0 app it is great. I look forward to doing some great text editing. Would be cool to see if the developers could link TextSoap, PopClip to make it even easier to get in and out with MonoDraw text enhancements.

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